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Property Angels offers you residential sales at 3% + Vat commission across South Africa as well as affordable conveyancing services done under one roof.

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    Have your property marketed through Private Property, Property 24, Gumtree and Property Angels by a select group of national Real Estate Attorney Realtors.


    Property Angels since July 2018 is an independent online marketing company representing and promoting a select group of attorney realtors from all across South Africa. Our friendly team of attorney realtors will sell your South African home in an affordable, simple and professional manner.

    We will also advertise your house on Private Property, Property 24 and Gumtree for FREE. We provide the selling owners of South African residential property with your own exclusive attorney realtor partner.

    Property Angels offers you residential sales at 3% + Vat commission. Conveyancing under the same roof. Fast. Professional. Simple.

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  • In-house conveyancing
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