Build a Property Empire

Build a Property Empire.

Investing in property is a low-risk way of creating wealth and all it takes is one investment to eventually build an empire.

The key here is to apply for a flexi-bond (also known as an access bond). Opting for this type of bond will enable you to use the bond as a savings facility that is accessible at any time, provided there is an excess.

Pieter Piek, Sales Manager for Just Property Invest, says the starting point to building your property empire is finding a tenant and making sure the rental income covers the bond repayment.

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Working with the example of a R1 million bond taken out over a period of 20 years at average interest rates, you’d be looking at a bond repayment of around R9 800.

Some 10 years from the first purchase, the buyer could have four properties and just five years remaining of their bond repayments. Once the bond is paid off, the rental can go into an investment account,” says Piek.

It’s vital that you do your homework to make sure you’re investing in the right property and location to achieve your investment goals. It’s also advisable to work closely with a good rental agent and opt for newer developments over older ones.

If you are tempted to buy a low-priced unit that needs work, bear in mind that a great deal of ongoing maintenance will reduce the amount you can put into your bond.

It is entirely up to the buyer, of course, but personally I would look at fairly new builds, you might pay a little more but you can be sure you’re getting new geysers, that the plumbing and wiring have been done recently, Piek advises.

Author – Thandi Skade

Original Publisher – Destiny Connect

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