Home loan declined?

Home loan declined?

The average price paid for a new home in South Africa between January and end-October was R1,12m, while the average approved bond was R893,000, according the statistics from BetterBond. That’s a shortfall of R227,000 and could be the reason for not being able to buy your next home.

This is especially true for first-time buyers who only account currently for 30% of home loan approvals and who require an average deposit of 11,5% of the purchase price.

Very few aspiring home buyers are aware that there is a “Plan B” that has been available since 1981, when “Plan A” – that is to secure a new home loan – fails.

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Way back in 1981, banks and building societies faced liquidity issues and, often to secure a home loan, an investor had to make a deposit with a bank or building society to match a loan for a home buyer.

When the Alienation of Land Act, No 68 of 1981, was enacted it created a method for a property seller and buyer to enter into an instalment sale agreement in which the parties agreed to pay off the purchase price of the property over a period of time – usually a five-year period, and in at least two or more instalments.

This concept is still available for all types of properties, but not for agricultural land.

Author: Meyer De Waal

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