How to find your own Rent2buy property

How to find your own Rent2buy property

It is always a difficult task to find a rent2buy property but if you know how to go about, if there is no existing rent2buy stock in your area, we can give you some insider tips to find your own Rent2buy property:


We suggest that you go and identify any property that you want to buy – ask the agent if it is rented out, or if the owners lives in the property.

You them make an offer, subject to a 100 % home loan, and submit it to the bank for a home loan.

If the home loan is declined, you refer it back to us to assist to negotiate to rent2buy.

You are welcome to send us the Offer to Purchase to us before is it is submitted to the owner/seller, just to make sure that the document is completed correctly.

Whether you want to sell your residential property or buy a new real estate investment, a house or an apartment, your Property Angel is here to help you find your spectacular home.

Property Angels – Success Together

We strongly recommend that you first establish your affordability.

As a matter of fact – over the past 5 years – most of the Rent2buy transactions came from clients who sourced their own Rent2buy properties and then brought it to us – to assist with the negotiations.

We just concluded a R2,7 million rand Rent2buy deal, on such a structure and many transactions from R299 000 and upwards.

Author: Meyer De Waal