Latest Property Technology

Latest Property Technology

In line with our focus on using the latest property technology to make the whole buying and selling process quick, easy and convenient, Attorney Realtor members will have access to service level agreements with property technology companies that add a great amount of value.

An example is to give anyone interested in a property access to a powerful and state-of-the-art Virtual Reality Tour portal. Buyers will be able to decide for themselves – from the comfort of their own homes – whether the property meets their needs.

Equally, the owner is spared all the inconvenience, disruption and security concerns of multiple home visits by potential buyers.

Sellers will also have access to residential property educator HomeTimes more than 300,000 Facebook followers.

Whether you want to sell your residential property or buy a new real estate investment, a house or an apartment, your Property Angel is here to help you find your elegant home.

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Using Facebook Live technology, HomeTimes will take potential buyers inside the home and allow them to interact with and ask questions about the dimensions and features of the home, in real time!

Buyers will also be able to access a quick and easy online, paperless home loan indicator, giving both buyers and sellers all the benefits of a home loan indicator “check-before-you-buy” process.

Home buyers will also benefit from the online educational home ownership guides developed.

Our vision is to assist a home buyer to make an educated and responsible decision when they are ready to buy their own property.

We developed this comprehensive course combining our extensive property experience. Our research showed that almost 50 % of home buyers are first time home buyersl.

Property investors will benefit from an innovative, creative and affordable rental solution.

This will be provided by an associate service provider HouseMe, with a rental warranty and a rental management fee of only 2.5%, compared to the normal fee of 10% to 12% that is usually charged.

This new initiative is expected to be extremely popular with all property sellers and buyers as well as attorneys interested in expanding their property law services.

While we do have competitors in this space already, we believe our full-suite product offering is unique, innovative and forward-thinking in an environment where sellers and buyers alike are desperately looking for greater value.

Attorneys will feel right at home, too, not having to rely exclusively on estate agents to bring them business.

Author: Meyer De Waal

Did you know? Your own personal Attorney Realtor offers an all inclusive service. You will receive legal advice, sales and purchase solutions, as well as the entire transfer process.

Get your real estate selling or buying process on the right track by contacting Property Angels today. Your professional local Attorney Realtor will then call you back the same day or the next business day.

At Property Angels we introduce home sellers and buyers to their own dedicated Attorney Realtor Partner.

Once your friendly Attorney Realtor has highlighted all your benefits, you will understand why an Attorney Realtor is the smartest way for you to sell or buy your property.

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