Opportunity for conveyancers

Opportunity for conveyancers

The good news and opportunity for conveyancers lies in the last of the five disruptors, namely technology and digital innovations. The digital transformation of the entire real estate industry is dynamic and moving at a rapid pace.

Exclusion of the traditional intermediary – the “Estate Agent”

New technological innovations makes it possible to exclude the estate agent from a sales transaction between a seller and a purchaser.

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It enables the conveyancer to be involved from the introduction of the parties to one another, assistance with the conclusion of the agreement of sale, and finalising the transaction by registering the deed of transfer and mortgage bond in the deeds registry. All done without the intermediary role of an estate agent.

“Music in my ears” – says Gawie le Roux

This is absolute music in my ears, for the following reasons:

1. It means that conveyancers will now be less vulnerable and dependant on the whims and improper influence which some estate agents are exercising in the “allocation” of work so some preferred conveyancing law firms.

2. It will enable all conveyancers to compete on a fair and equal basis with all their counterparts and to receive their fair and reasonable professional fees which they are duly entitled to, given the responsibility they take for every transaction registered.

3. Simply stated, it levels the paying field for all conveyancers. This is a game changer as never seen before.

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