Personalised Property buyers’ service

Personalised buyers’ concierge service

We realised the dire need for such a service catered to property buyers in a market when every sales agent is chasing after property mandates for sale, and little or none are looking after home buyers, says de Waal.

Every home buyer has different requirements and budget restraints, and we developed a personalised concierge-type service for home buyers.

Whether you want to sell your residential property or buy a new real estate investment, a house or an apartment, your Property Angel is here to help you find your inviting home.

Property Angels – Success Together

Every property buyer is treated like a VIP.

We cater for all types of home buyers, from an entry-level home buyer who may require a government Flisp subsidy, up to a multi-million-rand property purchaser and investor.

Our buyers even have access to a financial service which assists those who have had their bond applications denied by a bank.

With a current database of more than 28,000 interested home buyers spread across de Waal’s various platforms – which have been developed with associate business partners – his team is well placed to have a deep and comprehensive understanding of the needs, financial realities, credit and purchase abilities of home buyers.

This enables us to guide and assist a home buyer or investor to make an informed decision, says de Waal.

After all, buying a property is most likely the largest purchase one will ever make and is also the biggest debt one will commit to repaying.

Author: Meyer De Waal