Safe as houses

Safe as houses.

If you have R35,000 to invest in property, you may ask the question: “What is the point? There are no properties that I can buy for R35,000. I will never be able to invest in property as the average purchase price of a property is close to R1m.”

You also don’t need R35,000 to start, says de Waal, using the example of Thabo.

“Thabo owned an RDP property for many years,” he says. “When she sold the property after 12 years she made a handsome profit of R35,000. She then reinvested her profit and used it as a deposit to buy a larger property in a better area. Today she owns four properties! One may think that she earns a large salary, but she earns less than R15,000 per month and her four properties are now giving her an income.”

Thabo’s property investment strategy is to buy affordable properties that she can rent out on a cashflow-positive basis from day one.

Whether you want to sell your residential property or buy a new real estate investment, a house or an apartment, your Property Angel is here to help you find your charming home.

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It is extremely important to plan your investment strategies to achieve your financial goals, says de Waal.

First establish your goals and then reverse engineer the planning process. You want to plan your wealth structures, multiple financing strategies and investment focus in the short, medium and long term to have them all work in sync, says Anton Breytenbach from Empire Wealth.

As a property investor you want to pay as little tax as possible, protect your assets against risk, minimise your estate, life and death costs, and maximise your financing potential when planning your wealth structure.

Author: M De Waal

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