Virtual Reality Property Tour

Virtual Reality Tour

Virtual Reality (VR) is the use of computer technology to create a simulated environment.

VR can be used to place the user inside of an experience, instead of looking at a screen in front of them.

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This enables people to be immersed in what they are seeing, and to interact with the 3D world. This can be accomplished in more ways than just wearing VR goggles.

How are Attorney Realtor Hub using VR?

ARH Realtors are starting to use VR to show prospective clients around their future potential houses.

They are doing this by having the property in question 3D mapped using a series of photographs with a 3D camera which then are stitched together.

This then allows for the clients to virtually walk around the premises allowing them to see it in much better detail than simply taking a single picture of a room.

For a prospective tenant, this allows a far greater experience than viewing photos online.

Why is it important to use VR?

Not only is it important to keep up with technology and trends, but by using VR technology it is possible to give potential buyers the opportunity to view multiple locations at any given time, potentially without even having to leave the office.

No more having to deal with scheduling viewings, no more spending time going between different viewing, no more getting stuck in traffic and more importantly, no more hearing that it looks different in the pictures.

As the world of estate agency becomes increasingly digital, getting ahead of the game on VR could help keep estate agents competitive.


Interested in finding out how you can apply this technology? Companies such as Matterport are providing the latest in virtual viewings technology, not only taking 3D pictures for estate agents and stitching them together, but also offering a variety of viewing methods to accomplish this.

Tenants could be using a computer while sitting at home, a smart phone while travelling on the train, a tablet while sitting out in the garden or a VR headset when going into the estate agent.

ARH already features VR’s in most of their property listings.

Author: Meyer de Waal

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