Tips for when you are house selling

House selling can be a laborious task which can prove infuriating when nobody seems interested in your property. There could be one reason your viewings aren’t working out and it’s very easy to fix.

Is your house for sale? Then you are likely keen for viewings of the property to go well. If the interior looks all spick and span it might be baffling when potential buyers are put off. However, there’s one little thing when house selling that you should never do if you want to sell your house. It comes down to what is visible outside your house but it is easily remedied.

The trick is to never leave your rubbish bins on view outside the house.

You should also avoid parking your car immediately in front of the property. Tidy up the garden and move wheelie bins to a less visible location, if possible. Consider moving vehicles away from the front of your property when viewings are taking place as it will open up your property.

Walk around your property yourself and pretend you’re on a viewing to help you work out how to improve the exterior.

Before the photographer comes round, make sure that rooms are brightly lit and clutter free.

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Remove bins, open curtains and make beds at the very least as small touches make a big difference.

It’s also worth asking friends and family for their honest opinion about photos or the property itself.

Having a general declutter of the property before a viewing can also help buyers envision themselves living there.

A tidy room when house selling should never be underestimated, especially as dirty or cluttered rooms can be an immediate turn off for some buyers. Cleaning each room thoroughly and getting rid of clutter, such as excess furniture and children’s toy can clear up the space.

When it comes to a garden, if you have one, it’s best not to just place lots of plants from the garden centre in random spots. For those with restricted outdoor space, such as a small courtyard, pots are your answer.

Author: Harriett Mallinson on Twitter